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          Empowertech Industries Co.,Ltd is the Authorized distributor of Johnson Electric Group, including the Johnson motors, Saia Burgess switches, Saia motors, BAR switches, TH-contact switches, LEDEX & DORMEYER solenoids.

          We are also the authorized distributor of below famous brand products: LUMEX LED &LCD, CAMPINI thermostats and pressure switches,ITW Fastex, ITW WERCS, ITW Switches ,SCHALTBAU switches ,DC contactors,CROUZET switches, motors,  Mechant Switches............

          Part Number:

          Room 910, Building A, Xin Tian Xiang Plaza,

          No.388 Suya Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, P.R.C.

          Contact: Derek Hai
          Tel:0512-69321808 69321856
          EMAIL: sales@empowertech.com.cn